Extracurricular Activities

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Engineering Student Council 2009 – Present

This organization is one that involves getting engineering students to collaborate with not only each other, but with faculty and industries for jobs and research opportunities. I joined this organization in the Fall of 2009 and took the position of Corporate Affairs Co-Chair in Winter of 2010. As the Corporate Affairs Co-Chair, I run a 20-person committee along with my other Co-Chair. Our committee is in charge of setting up Industry Info Session, Company Tours, and the Annual EngiTECH Career Fair in the Winter. This position requires not only managerial skills for running a 20-person committee, but also communication skills to be able to speak with company representatives.


Sigma Nu Fraternity 2008 – Present

In this organization, I have held 2 positions: the Historian and the Webmaster. As historian, I was given a project to conduct a composite photography session where we get professional photos of every member in the organization. I had to contact both the photography company and the photographer as well as manage over 50 members to have the process run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I had to stay in constant contact with the photography company through email, and asked any possible questions I may have had as to reduce confusion. I also sent out many email to each member to make sure they were signed up for a time. There also came conflicts with previous historians because we were signed on 2 different contracts with 2 different companies. I learned skills in decision making as well as managerial skills, but the most important skill I learned was that in order to prevent miscommunication and confusion, you have to be communicating as much as possible.