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Hi Liz :)

click the space bar!

I just wanted to say

that you are the coolest Lil Sis

that anyone could ever ask for,

and because I suck

for forgetting your birthday last year,


I made this for you.

This is what you get for having the nerdiest big bro around.


I hope you like it :D

The best day of your life ;)

EPROM 2011!


The Akward Family Photo

The Awesome Family Photo

Hi Alex!

Ice Skating!

I think I almost fell taking this pic

EPROM 2012! I'm so much taller than you


Officially Big and Lil! (Even though you hate this picture)


Doing work for ESC! (aka creeping on high school kids haha)

Now you can see why I'm so tall


The mentally challenged smiled


I love this picture!

Celebarting Pi Day!

Why so sad? :(

Just hanging out at the Promenade! (just not at the same time)

Finally a good picture of us


(minus the stub hand)

Happy Birthday Liz! You are the most amazing Lil Ever!


The End :)

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